Laser Ablation

Fundamentals and Applications of LA-ICPMS

The aim of this workshop is to introduce laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass spectrometry to beginners of LA-ICPMS. Besides making basic comparisons to other spatially-resolved analytical techniques, we will review the main components of a laser-ablation system, namely laser source, beam delivery, laser ablation cell and aerosol transport. We will cover the quantification of elemental analysis using single collector (quadrupole) ICPMS and showcase selected application mostly in the area of low-temperature geochemistry. In the second part we will cover high-precision Hf and Sr isotope ratio analysis via LA-MC-ICPMS. Some familiarity with ICPMS would be advantageous as we will not have time to cover ICPMS fundamentals.

Participants: min 5, max 10; workshop fee €50


1 Dr. Wolfgang Müller 1 Reader in Isotope Geochemistry, Royal Holloway, University of London


International Association of Geoanalysts