About Geoanalysis

The mission of the International Association of Geoanalysts (IAG) is: “To serve as an international forum for the advancement of geoanalytical science and to promote the interests and support the professional needs of those involved in the analysis of geological and environmental materials.”

To attain this, one of our main objectives is to organise conferences and meetings and to act as the main sponsor of the Geoanalysis series of conferences and to encourage younger scientists in the profession and their participation in meetings.

The Montanuniversität Leoben was selected by the IAG Council to host the 9th of the IAG’s main triennial conference. This venue in the historical city of Leoben was chosen because of the importance of the Montanuniversität as a leading technical university in the education of mining and petroleum engineers and as a thriving hotspot for research in material, polymer, metallurgical and applied earth sciences.

It is also easy to reach because of its location in the green heart of Europe in the alpine Styrian mountains covered by beautiful forests. The Montanuniversität offers excellent facilities combined with a relaxed ambiance and environment in which to meet friends, colleagues and to network with companies.

This conference offers the opportunity to young scientists to get international exposure to the leading scientists in the field of geoanalysis. Special care is being taken to provide inexpensive accomodation and low conference fees for students from all over the world.

The organising committee cordially invites you to submit abstracts for oral presentations or posters with the option of publishing in a special edition of the high quality Wiley-Blackwell scientific journal Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research. We would also like to invite all potential exhibitors to contact the organising committee about participation in this event. Sponsorship opportunities will be available to industrial partners.


We invite everyone with an interest in the following topics:


  • EPMA
  • SIMS
  • SEM and TEM
  • Any other analytical technique related to geoanalysis


  • Reference Materials
  • Metrology applied to chemical analysis
  • Proficieny testing
  • Sample preparation
  • Geochronology including for crude oils and oil deposits
  • Isotope fractionation studies, including heavy elements
  • Environmental studies
  • Mapping and regional geochemistry
  • Industrial processes and ore beneficiation
  • Quality control
  • Representative sampling
  • Forensics
  • Geochemical exploration
  • On site analysis
  • Education


Up to 200 delegates from all over the world are expected to attend the Geoanalysis 2015 conference.


International Association of Geoanalysts